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Blue Tongue Lizard Dog AttackEvery year countless thousands of injured wild reptiles and amphibians are presented to veterinary clinics for treatment. Unfortunately many of the injuries sustained by these wild animals are the result of human interactions such as being hit by cars, dogs attacks and other misadventures. For a large percentage of them the injuries are too severe to be treated and euthanasia to end their suffering is the only option. For many euthanasia is performed because the attending veterinarian does not have the experience or resources to be able to adequately treat the animal, rehabilitate it and get it released back into the wild. For a lucky few animals they are taken to veterinary practices with veterinarians experienced in treating reptiles and amphibians... veterinary practices such as Karingal Veterinary Hospital and its reptile and amphibian department, The Reptile Doctor!

Did you know it is estimated that each year Australian veterinarians provide over $40 million worth of free treatment to our native fauna? Veterinarians in private practice receive no government funding, tax incentives or any refunds of any sort to provide this care. We do it because we care for the welfare of all animals be they domestic or wild. Working with a dedicated network of wildlife carers and rehabiltators we strive to return as many injured reptiles and amphibians back to the wild as possible. But we can't do it alone!

Turtle Shell RepairTo help offset the costs involved in treating injured wild reptiles and amphibians we ask for any donations so we can continue our vital work. You may like to donate simply because you would like to help. You might like to donate because we have helped you with a reptile-related query through our Facebook page or via email. You might like to donate because we have helped your local vet with some advice regarding the treatment of your pet. No donation is too small and anything you can contribute will be gratefully accepted.

All funds received will be used to treat injured wild reptiles and amphibians, donated to worthy causes that are related to reptiles and amphibians or used to fund further research into reptile and amphibian diseases and treatments.

To donate any amount simply click on the button on the top right corner of this page!

Thanks to the generosity of people who care about wild reptiles and amphibians we have raised the following amount!
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